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Clarify your objectives

Clarify your objectives

While there are many reasons to invest the three most commonly cited reasons are to:

  • Help ensure a financially secure retirement
  • Pay a child’s or grandchild’s higher education expenses
  • Leave a financial legacy for heirs or, perhaps, a favorite charity

We discuss your objectives and then help you prioritize them. For example, you may want to save for retirement. But how do you plan to spend your retirement? Playing golf or tennis? Traveling? Shopping? Enjoying time with children or grandchildren? Pursuing a second career? Volunteering for your favorite charities? These are all issues to consider when defining your objectives.

Determine your time horizon

Knowing your time horizon is important because it will help dictate the types of investments you should make. Having a longer time horizon usually means you can invest more aggressively because you should be able to ride out any short-term price volatility and have the potential to enjoy the increased returns that a riskier investment usually offers.

Assess your Risk Tolerance

We determine your risk tolerance to see how much risk you can comfortably live with in your portfolio. Although higher returns may be attractive, you may be comfortable with a relatively low level of risk. Once we identify your risk tolerance we can design your portfolio to fit within it, which may require you to adjust your objectives or time horizon.

Establish your starting point

Once you’ve clarified your objectives and time horizon, you need to determine where you are today. In other words, is your financial house currently in order? For example, if you’re carrying a heavy debt burden, especially high-interest credit-card debt, you’ll probably need to reduce it before you start investing.

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